Facts about Laser Hair Removal

laser hairSince you are always away flying air crafts and jumping out of it, you may want to pamper your wives by having them undergo laser hair removal treatments. If you and your wife are considering undergoing laser hair removal, remember that it’s not always a sure thing. These lasers are not like point and shoot cameras that you can just buy and play with—according to clinical professors of dermatology. The results can look and feel great but if you are unlucky enough to be treated with the wrong laser or the wrong settings, you may not get the maximum results. It is also good to know that there is really no way that hair can be totally removed.

After the treatment, it is possible to end up with burns, hyperpigmentation or increased hair growth depending on the area being treated. There are medical boards who allow non-physicians to utilize lasers and they do not oversight many of these aestheticians that conduct the treatments.

For the more reliable results, you should see a dermatologist that can charge you an average of $500 for a laser hair removal treatment cost. Just remember, no matter who you choose to perform these treatments, you have to ask the questions: “Where do I sign?”

Here are other questions that you need to consider before undergoing the treatment.

1. How many lasers do you have in the clinic, and are they rented or owned?

If the clinic has more than one laser, there is a big chance that you will be treated with the most effective and safest kind for your skin color and hair type. You should start to worry if the machines are only rented because the clinic may just be doing a few procedures each month.

2. What type of lasers do you use for hair removal, which one is best for my skin, and why?

The physician or doctor should be able to explain what a certain type of laser is the best match for your skin tone, hair color and texture. He should also identify potential complications. The most popularly used laser is the alexandrite laser used for hair removal. Other lasers such as the diode and nd:yag lasers are also good and effective. There are instensed pulsed light machines that are also used to remove hair on light skin people.

3. How many laser hair removal treatments have you performed in total?

There is no certification for laser hair removal and the way to gauge a person’s experience level is the number of treatments that they performed. If you ask this question to your physician, make sure that their answer is a few hundred or so.

4. How many sessions will I need for effective results?

The normal number of treatments is usually 4 to 6 visits—but some people already get the best effects in 2 sessions. However, there are patients who need to go back for a dozen of treatments. This is why packaged deals are more inclined to the doctor or technician’s advantage rather than the patient’s.