Installing a Gun Safe

Before You Start
Gun safe locations offer different types of protection like theft, fire and flood. The first thing that you should do is to identify the risks that that is most important to you. Today, the biggest risk is burglary and then followed by floods and house fires. This all depends on the location of your house, of course. Take note of the risk that is most important to you so that you know the best place to put your gun safe in.

Installing a Gun Safe

If you want to install your own gun safe, your highest priority is safety. The task will require 2 people and you also need the proper tools for this job. The basic equipment that you will need are a moving dolly or a heavy duty appliance dolly. Take note of the ground pressure of the dolly wheels and the hardness of the ground where you are going to install your gun safe in. This pressure can damage tiles, hardwood or vinyl flooring. In any case, if you have the budget for it, hire a professional gun safe installer.

Floor to Support a Gun Safe

If you’re going to install a gun safe on the upper floor, the overall weight should be 100 pounds or less. Some floors may need more but the weight load can be determined by inspection before installation. If you have a safe that is over 1000 pounds, your safe dealer can do this for you.

In calculating the load capability of your floor, you will need to get all of the important dimensions that you need to know. Examples of these are the type, effective size and the spacing of your floor joists. After you have gotten all of these dimensions, you can search for a calculator that can give you the capacity of your floor or consult a carpenter to calculate it for you. It’s also best to take note of the floor surface. A hard floor surface is better than carpet because you can compress while being bolted down but a hard surface will be more secure.

If you have a floor that has less weight than your gun safe, there are alternative options for location. For example, if the floor of you house can only hold 1800 pounds but you want to buy a 2750 pound, you can still do this. Buy a safe that has the same features of the one that you like and make sure that it weighs less. Another way is to take the gun safe closest to the one you like with the ideal weight that you need; just weigh the features that you’re willing to let go off. For fireproofing, you can have a sprinkler installed on top of the gun safe.

Leveling a Gun Safe

You need to level a gun safe before you bolt it down because of many reasons. First is that the lock and bolt will not work if the safe is not level or the door may open or slam itself. If you let this happen, you may require a locksmith to open your safe in the future. Another issue is the alignment or the safe door, it can be misaligned if the safe is not level.

Of course getting the right gun safe should make it easy to install your gun safe at home. Check out online reviews for gun safes to find out what you need. Small gun safes like biometric gun safes are not as hard to install as the bigger ones.