Being an extreme sport enthusiast that involves jumping off small aircraft can be intimidating. But aside from this, I also like to explore many other things that involve sports, lifestyle and other interesting subjects. I made this blog to serve as an information site for people like me who enjoy extreme sports but also want to have knowledge about other sports or any form of hobby. If we share the same hobby, we might able to exchange some information or blog about something related to what we do.
In this blog, I will be posting about information about sports and hobbies that interest me, extreme or not. I will also be posting about lifestyle trends that I think should be discussed. Discussions really excite me, so if you have any suggestions or comments that you’d like to leave in the comments area, feel free to do so. The only reminder is to keep it civil and choose the words that you will use. If you think I should feature a certain topic on this blog, feel free to email me and we can talk about it. The information that I share in this blog is based on my research and what I’ve heard. If you notice any misinformation, you can try to reach me and I will make sure to correct it.
Lastly, let me tell you about my hobby, parachuting is an extreme sport that keeps gives you an adreanaline rush. It’s not for everyone but it fits my personality very well. That said, you can defniitely say that I am a daredevil and I want to experience everything in life!